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We plan & advise our clients.

We plan and advise our clients on how and what to test, adapting our designs and recommendations to their needs. Whether interfacing a new commercial rental unit’s fire alarm system, programming elevators to meet code changes, performing verification services for new fire alarm systems, or evaluating security software, our services are comprehensive and customized to every client.

Fire Protection & Detection

While fire alarm engineering is straightforward, since it is code-based design and doesn’t require advanced engineering knowledge, our experience with fire protection and detection systems extends beyond design and installation to fire investigation and code writing…

Electronic Building Security

Our experience in the electronic security market includes work on the tiniest details like coordinating card access, patient wandering, CCTV, tamper resistance, or a door’s intercom and fire alarm to high-level consulting and strategizing for organizations…

Commissioning of Life Safety & Fire Protection

While the code requirement for the Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems (CAN/ULC S1001-11) is relatively new, Authorities Having Jurisdiction are adopting and enforcing it quickly…

December 13, 2021

Building A Resilient Future

Fire protection systems are being tailored to more than exceed safety requirements

Umbra Engineering, a sister company to Williams Engineering, specialises in life safety, security, and fire detection and...

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Our Approach

we are about relationship & Service.

We know that life safety, security, and fire detection and protection systems are costly, we do more than push to ensure things are done correctly, we educate our clients on the whys and hows of what we do and we’re readily available (even after hours) to ensure that our systems are executed flawlessly.

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